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Breaking news – mass wildcat against blacklisting at Atomic Weapons Establishment

Breaking news coming from the Construction Rank and File network: “They’re at it again. NG Bailey, Costain Group and AWE PLC are all pointing fingers at each other over who is responsible for blacklisting sparks at AWE Burghfield. Over 200 … Continue reading

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Cleaners, Kill the Bill, and sparks: mid-April round-up

A few quick updates: On Friday 16th, cleaners organised through the grassroots union CAIWU will be protesting against sackings at Broadgate Estates in Central London. You can read more about the background to the dispute here. Over the weekend, there’ll … Continue reading

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Rank and file sparks occupy NG Bailey and Balfour Beatty, set March 8th deadline in fight against deskilling

In late February, it was announced that the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant construction project was planning to introduce “Electrical Support Operatives” – lower-paid workers with less training than full electricians – to carry out vital work that would … Continue reading

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Construction conflicts: Crossrail wildcat, and Frank Morris reinstated again

A few pieces of news from rank-and-file workers fighting back in the construction industry: A wildcat strike broke out at Crossrail this week, with electricians stopping work at Canning Town, Holborn and Mile End in a long-running dispute over bonus … Continue reading

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Disabled activist’s house raided over anti-government facebook comments.

I don’t have anything massively interesting or original to say at the moment, but I thought this story was worth passing on: A female disability activist had her home raided yesterday [October 26th] by South Wales Police who attempted to … Continue reading

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Construction bosses beaten?

I certainly don’t want to go around claiming false victories where there aren’t any, but this article from the (decidedly non-radical) Construction Enquirer should be of interest to anyone who’s been paying attention to the sparks’ struggle: The BESNA deal … Continue reading

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Two down, six to go: Direct action gets results for tenants, cleaners and electricians

As the class war rages on – and, let’s face it, our rulers generally continue to win it most of the time – a few examples from recent weeks have demonstrated the kind of tactics that can get real results. … Continue reading

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Snippets and fragments from across the globe

It’s been a fair while since I wrote anything on here, and while I still don’t have anything particularly original to say, the last few weeks have seen quite a few developments that seem worth taking note of. Starting in … Continue reading

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Being right isn’t always a good thing.

As anyone who reads this blog on a vaguely regular basis will know, I have some ideas that I bang on about in a fairly repetitive fashion. In particular, one of the fundamental themes underlying my politics is the idea … Continue reading

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Unofficial action spreading in the construction industry

First off, in my round-up of interesting articles about the West Coast Port Shutdown, I forgot to include the Salon article “Occupy vs. Big Labor”, which appeared a few days before the action and addressed some of the same issues … Continue reading

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